Monthly Round-Ups

  • Monthly Round-Up: December Travel Diary

    December officially marks the halfway point of one year around the world!

    The last leg of 2017 was a little more relaxed than the previous five months. With the holidays rolling around and finally entering Europe, we’ve been taking it slow. We started off in Bulgaria, spent two weeks trailing around Romania (including Dracula’s castle!), saw […]

  • Monthly Round-Up: November Travel Diary

    After spending five months baking in the intense heat and humidity that is Asia in summer (and SE Asia during any season), our wish for colder weather finally came to fruition: it’s 40 degrees outside, there’s snow on the ground, and I’m officially shivering in my new boots.

    Jumping from Yangon to Istanbul in a 24-hour […]

  • Monthly Round-Up: October Travel Diary

    Four months have come and gone and we’re officially a third of the way through our trip! (*insert gasping emoji*) Shit’s crazy.

    We landed in Vietnam square on the 1st of October and stayed in the country for nearly the entire month. To be honest, I was a little hesitant of visiting at first. Vietnam was […]

  • Monthly Round-Up: September Travel Diary

    September was another month of crazy highs and disappointing lows. We started off flying out from Shanghai to the capital of the Sichuan province, Chengdu. This was a pretty big turning point in how I viewed China; while I never hated the place like many people do, I also didn’t expect the locals to be […]

  • Monthly Round-Up: August Travel Diary

    Autumn is finally rolling in, which means it’s time to wrap up the last official month of summer. You know how sometimes, life will just dribble by for a few weeks, with nothing worth noting occurring? Well, August was the complete opposite of that. There were plenty of great moments, as well as a handful […]

  • Monthly Round-Up: July Travel Diary

    Time is a funny thing. One day you’re sitting at work, staring out the window and thinking about how you wish you could just leave now, instead of waiting for another year to pass before you take the trip of a lifetime. Then suddenly you’re sipping coffee at a café in Seoul and wondering how the […]