Hi hey hello 👋🏼

I’m Anna. Your humble designer, photographer, writer, illustrator, foodie, Ravenclaw wizard, and the cackling mastermind behind this blog.

But more importantly: I’m a 20-something who just quit her job as a UI designer to travel the world for a year (AKA become a professional hobo) with my best friend and partner in crime.

Perpetually fascinated by even the little things, I’ve always been insatiably curious—I’m the person who stops you in the middle of a conversation to say “wait, let me Google that” just because yes, I really need to know that badly. I’m an experience nut with a rapidly growing Life List, and currently on a mission to cross off as many things as possible before I shrivel into a prune and leave this blessed planet behind.

I’ll be documenting the journey with detailed narratives, photos and doodles, and occasional musings on life. Subscribe or check out my Instagram to follow along!