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  • Visiting Colmar & Strasbourg without a Car | Alsace Public Transportation Itinerary

    (Note: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only link to products and services that I 100% believe in and either have used or would use myself.)

    France is the most visited country on the planet, and for good reason. There are world-class cities, a famous gastronomy scene, a variety of stunning landscapes, and some of the most famous Western artworks of all time. And pastries. Ohmyloooord the pastries.

    I’ve been a self-proclaimed Francophile ever since I was a kid. I wanted to bake everything French (my mom can attest to how […]

  • Monthly Round-Up: January Travel Diary

    Guys. It’s February.

    That means we’re already one month deep into 2018.

    *collective gasp*

    I’m still writing the date wrong and we’re already 1/12th of the way over? Say whaaaa?

    Time is so strange sometimes. The way you can feel like the months have flown by in a second, but the experiences you had just a few weeks ago seem like a lifetime away.

    During the length of January, we visited four countries in total: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and currently, Italy. We’ve taken a lot of long bus rides and switched cities a little too often. It’s making me feel a lot of things at […]

  • Traveling to Brazil Just Got Easier & Cheaper for U.S. Citizens | New 2018 E-Visa Options

    Brazil has long been one of the most expensive places for Americans to travel to. Along with countries like China, Russia, and Bolivia, many potential visitors have been discouraged from visiting due to high visa fees and difficult application processes.

    In the past, Brazilian visa applications came with a hefty $160 fee and required an in-person visit to a local consulate (unless you’re willing to pay even more to have a visa service do this for you). The costs were unusually expensive for U.S. citizens because the Brazilian government practices reciprocity when it comes to tourism; if a country charges Brazilian […]

  • How to Score a $2,000 Stay at the Ritz-Carlton for FREE

    This past holiday season, Joel and I had officially spent six months on the road. That’s six months of living out of a 26L backpack, sharing dorm rooms with strangers, and eating canned mackerel for dinner.

    Not that I’m complaining. Living life as a professional hobo isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. While you might be counting pennies to see if you have enough for a simple cup of coffee, you also get to spend every day exploring the world around you. You eat Top Ramen for dinner tonight so that you can eat real, tonkatsu ramen in Osaka tomorrow. […]

  • Secrets Abroad: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Turkey

    Secrets Abroad is an ongoing series that explores the hidden sides of cultures from around the world. Check out previous editions here.

    After a full 24-hours of flights and layovers, we finally arrive in Istanbul. There’s a distinct chill in the air and I realize that I’m underdressed for the occasion. A crisp wind sweeps by and I decide that our first order of business will have to be a trip to Istiklal, the city’s bustling shopping street just blocks down from our hostel.

    The neighborhood we’re in feels distinctly European, with sandstone buildings towering over us and pedestrians dressed in fashionable coats, […]

  • Winter in Romania | A Photo Journal

    Some people like to claim that the world has already been discovered; that there’s nowhere left for the rogue adventurer. Personally, I have so many places left to see and so while I can’t validate or discredit this statement, I can say that it surely doesn’t feel that way in Romania.

    Romania has long been an off-the-map destination: try telling someone that you’re taking a trip there and they’ll likely cock their head and ask, “That’s a real place?” I recently looked into the numbers: the country actually ranks #37 for annual number of tourists, which is no France, but certainly far […]

  • Monthly Round-Up: December Travel Diary

    December officially marks the halfway point of one year around the world!

    The last leg of 2017 was a little more relaxed than the previous five months. With the holidays rolling around and finally entering Europe, we’ve been taking it slow. We started off in Bulgaria, spent two weeks trailing around Romania (including Dracula’s castle!), saw our first (and last) snow of the year, gaped at the regal architecture of Budapest, and then lazed around Vienna while businesses shuttered up for Christmas.

    I’ve been reflecting not only on this trip, but on my time as a mid-twentier (I’m already 25, please make […]

  • New Year, New Blog

    Notice anything different? 🤔
    When I first started this blog back in June, I felt like I was caught in the middle of a tornado of tasks and obligations. I was wrapping up my projects at Tobi, saying goodbye to all my friends and family, and squaring away any last minute details for our RTW trip. I was really excited to get a blog going, yet I found myself at the end of the month without much more than a fresh WordPress install. So I did the best I could, squeezing in as much design and branding as I could in such […]

  • Getting from Istanbul to Sofia via Overnight Bus: A Practical Guide

    After spending two weeks in Turkey, it was time to head to Sofia. The problem? Bulgaria is still a bit off the beaten track for most travelers. This is great for discovery, but not so great when it comes to logistical foresight.

    We were planning on taking a bus directly from Istanbul to Sofia. While some thorough Googling brought up an old blog post and a few Tripadvisor forum threads, there wasn’t a lot of helpful information out there about this particular journey. Where do you buy tickets? What station do you leave from? What are the buses like? I had […]