• Mt. Takao: Hikes, Temples, and a Whole Lot of Beer

    Just an hour train ride from Tokyo lies a not-so-secret escape: Mount Takao, the most visited mountain on Earth, and a welcome hiatus from the hectic pace of city life.

    The mountain sits exactly 599 meters above sea level, or nearly 2,000 ft. The summit is accessible from six different trails of varying difficulties, and all start […]

  • Edo-Tokyo Museum: Japan Through the Ages

    In no place are you more likely to hear the travel cliché of “old meets new” than in Tokyo, a city where timeworn shrines neighbor shopping complexes on every street. But how did a place like this come to exist? Joel and I recently took a trip to the Edo-Tokyo Museum to investigate.
    You Mean That […]

  • Fish for Breakfast: Eating at Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market

    Even at 3 am, Tsukiji Market is electric. Turret trucks zip in and out of alleys like Mario Kart racers. Workers shuffle between shops, preparing for the day ahead. It’s the kind of place that engages all the senses in one fell swoop: the smell of freshly sliced tuna, the sound of scooters whizzing by, […]

  • Touchdown in Tokyo

    おはよう from Tokyo!

    We’ve officially arrived in Japan: jet-lagged, sweaty, and already in love. So far the weather hasn’t been as bad as I expected—I was picturing soul-crushing humidity, and have instead been pleasantly surprised with a mildly choking summer heat.

    Our flight landed safely at 3 pm on Wednesday. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you […]